Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Treat Box with Card

I made this sweet treat box
with Easter in mind, but you
can add whatever you like...
lollies, trinkets, small
scrapbooking supplies,
whatever suits your needs.

This is my first attempt at making a tutorial, so hopefully,
everything will be clear and easy to understand. There is
a place to make comments at the bottom of this post, so
feel free to add any if you think I could have done
something better or if you'd like to see something else.
P.S You may want to grab a cuppa, as this is a long post :o)

I started with 2 pieces of chipboard, measuring 13cm x 13cm
(I brought these in a pack of 10 from Kaszazz) but you can
just use hard cardboard cut to shape.
I have covered them using lightweight cardstock, but again,
you can use a matching paper or even just paint them to
match. The undersides will not be seen, so it doesn't have to
be really neat. You can put them aside, as they will be the
top and bottom of the box.

Now the drawers, you will need to make 4, they are made in
2 parts. Firstly you will need 4 pieces of matching cardstock
measuring 14cm x 14cm. Score and fold each of these on
both sides at 2cm,  8cm,  10cm,  12cm  they should look
like the first photo below. Next you will need to cut them
to look like the second image in the photo (the 3 squares
in each corner are cut away and a tab has been created)

Next you will ned to make them into little drawers by
folding and sticking or glueing the flaps as above in the
second photo. (I have tried to show show the 4 drawers
at each stage of making the box shape, as I thought
it may be easier than trying to explain in words).

Now we need to make the second part of the drawers,
You will need 4 pieces of matching cardstock
measuring 6.2cm x 18.7cm (odd measurement, I know,
but this allows enough space to house the inside of
the drawer). You will need to score and fold them at
2.1cm,  8.3cm,  10.4cm, 16.6cm,  and you are left with 
a 2.1cm flap.

 Stick or glue the
 flap to the other
 side to make the
 outside piece of
 the drawer (again,
 I have tried to use
 the photo to explain),
 and then slide the
 drawer into the outer
                                                        sleeve. When you are
                                                        finished, it  should
                                                      resemble a matchbox.

Now, take the top and botom pieces that we made earlier
and arrange the closed drawers onto one piece, making
the bottom. Make sure that the drawers open out in
different directions as below. Apply glue or strong
sticky strip to the top and bottom sides of the drawers
You may find it easier to remove the inside drawer for
this step) and sandwich the drawers between the top
and bottom layers, taking care not to squash the drawers
and check that the covered section of top and bottom are
 facing outward (so no chipboard can be seen).

It should look something like this, with/without the drawers.

I have decorated the front section of the drawers with
patterened papers and used rhinestone brads as handles
to make opening the drawer easier. You acn buy fancy
handles/knobs at most scrapbook shops, but Brads
make a cheap alternative and the size suited this
project rather well.

I have added a card that I made earlier to match this
box. I used double sided tape to adhere the entire back
of the card to the top of the box as in the photo below.
 I have then added my treats... in this case,
little easter eggs.

If you like, you can further decorate the box and inside
the card as I have done with this one.I have also added
a ribbon so that the card can be tied closed.
I hope you have lots fun with it.

Happy Stamping!


  1. Tutorial looks great :) Easy to follow I can not wait to try this.such a great way to present easter eggs or any little present.
    Fantastic !! xo

  2. This is brilliant Peta, really gorgeous and so clever. I will definitely be making this for a special Easter Gift. Well done!!! xxx

  3. Thanks for the tutorial going to have to try this, your looks gorgeous!
    Sue x

  4. Wow, what a fabulous idea for Easter gifts. Thank you for the tutorial. Great blogsite - beautiful work.



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